CREATE Gurukula is a non-profit visionary educational institution in combination with a state-of-the-art research program that aims to provide opportunities to qualified students who aspire to make a difference in the world. Our Board of Trustees, consisting of experienced educational and research experts with decades long experience, has developed a clear vision for an innovative school that would inspire and motivate students, broaden their minds, and ignite their passion for learning. CREATE Gurukula, the one of its kind schools in the world, will impart education and knowledge in a creative and friendly atmosphere so as to produce well-rounded scholars. Our goal is to provide exceptional education to exceptional students. With strictly merit-based selection criteria and an emphasis on Total Education, a philosophy that encourages excellence in academics, teamwork, and personal integrity, CREATE Gurukula will bring out the blossoming talent in promising youth, and prepare them to be leaders in a Rapidly Evolving World.

Vision Teachers

    Our vision is for a school that achieves excellence in Total Education for 6th through 12th graders. Admission is strictly merit based. Only highly motivated students will be accepted.

    Our teachers will be inspirational instructors who will mentor the students through their formative years, imparting knowledge, encouraging creativity, cultivating self-motivation, and instilling high moral values.

Students Research

    Our students will be motivated to excel in all activities, including sports. They will also be encouraged to develop their innate abilities in diverse fields, facilitated by the proximity of a research wing that will host eminent scholars and scientists from all over the world.

    Research will initially focus on the development of sustainable energy sources, materials science and the biosciences. Work on environmental and agricultural resource development would be encouraged, beneficial to the local community, and yield practical and tangible benefits globally. The program will later be expanded to include other topics such as mathematics and astrophysics.

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