CREATE Gurukula Inc., is a non-profit visionary organization set up to facilitate innovative modes of learning that includes active participation of students in state-of-the-art research activities. CREATE Gurukula’s mission is to provide an exceptional educational opportunity to qualified students who aspire to make a difference in the world. The Board of Directors, consisting of experienced educational and research experts with decades long experience, has developed a clear vision to support programs that would inspire and motivate students, broaden their minds, and ignite their passion for learning. The organization will support one of its kind schools in the world that will impart education and knowledge in a creative and friendly atmosphere so as to produce well-rounded scholars. The focus is on Total Education, a philosophy that encourages excellence in academics, teamwork, and personal integrity. Our vision and support will bring out the blossoming talent in promising youth, and prepare them to be leaders in a Rapidly Evolving World. CREATE Gurukula Corporation’s seed project will be a school run by the CREATE Gurukula Trust, at Madikeri, Coorg, India.

CREATE Gurukula Trust

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